At Vets & Pets, we accept surgical referrals for a range of soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures, as well as treatment of exotic animals. Below are some examples of the referral procedures we offer. Do not hesitate to contact our veterinary clinic to discuss your pet’s procedure with our Doctors.

Fracture repairs

We offer a variety of options to try to give your pet the best chance of healing correctly, quickly and cost-effectively.

Knee surgery

Surgical correction of cranial cruciate ligament rupture and luxating patellas (kneecaps); surgeries that can give your pet ability to walk pain-free once again.

Ocular surgery

Cherry eye, eyelid deformities and non-healing or deep ulcers are just some of the most common ocular conditions we treat at Vets& Pets.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

This breed-related disorder results in breathing difficulties affecting the ability to exercise and live comfortably. This life-changing procedure can dramatically improve your dog's quality of life by improving airflow by widening the nostrils and removing excess soft tissue around the throat. We can also treat other conditions associated with flat-faced dogs such as excess skin folds and eye issues.

Blocked urethras (penile urethrostomy)

Some male cats suffer from recurrent or severely blocked urinary tracts. In some cases, surgery is indicated to allow your cat to urinate properly without recurrent issues.

Gastrointestinal surgery

There are many different reasons why a pet may need gastrointestinal or abdominal surgery. Hernias, foreign bodies, tumors removals, nephrectomy (removal of a kidney), splenectomy (spleen removal),resection and anastomosis of the intestines, intestinal biopsies are just some of the many surgeries we perform at Vets & Pets.

Mass removals

Depending on the area in which the mass is located and its size, some mass removals need additional procedures like skin flaps to aid wound closure and healing.

Anal gland removal

Dogs and cats can experience ongoing issues with their anal glands, such as recurrent infection or even cancer. In severe cases, removal of the affected anal glands can provide an immediate and effective cure.

Exotic medicine

We offer specialist Avian & Exotic veterinary treatments including the most complex surgeries on all birds and falcons. Call us to book an appointment with our renowned avian specialist.