Cat-friendly clinic

We've got staff that loves cats. We mean.. REALLY loves cats!

You have heard it before…Cats are not small dogs, and they shouldn’t be treated as such. Our feline specific reception area, exam room, wards and treatment areas are going a long way in lowering stress for our feline patients.

Separate waiting room

Our cat-only waiting area is kept away from vision of dogs with tables for placing cat carriers above ground level for comfort and reduced stress and anxiety of our feline patients. Cover throws for carriers are on hand to provide a dark hiding place while waiting.

Dedicated consulting room

Our cat-friendly consultation room is free from the scent of those eager sniffing pooches under the door. Feliway – a feline calming pheromone - is present in the consult room, further alleviating anxiety.


Our cat ward is a quiet and peaceful area where our feline patients can relax and recover without added stress. Our team of nurses are trained in how to handle and work with your feline companion.


We are equipped with specialized medical, monitoring, surgical and laboratory equipment for the most accurate results in diagnostic procedures and treatments of felines in our care.

Cat boarding

Providing a safe and peaceful environment, designed by vets with climbing and perching options, hideouts, soft cushions for purring atmosphere, under the watchful eye of our experienced veterinary staff.

Dog boarding and day care

While our premises do not allow us to provide onsite dog boarding and day care facilities your pooch would benefit from, we collaborate with those that do!
Please reach out to our team to learn more!